Edmund Papp – creator of Key West Models

The Model & The Modeling Profession

Throughout antiquity artistic depictions of models have been found in caves, palace walls and places of worship. Why is that?

It is simple really. Models are essential to the creative process by which an artist’s vision, an idea, a concept goes from imagination to a tangible painting, a statute, a photograph or a video. Need an example… how about the most famous model of them all: DaVinci’s Mona Lisa.

So, for all those thinking about pursuing a modeling career remember this: Models, good models, have worth and value because it is they who provide the passion, the emotion, the desire of the artist to create Something. Anything! What didn’t exist the day before now exists. Think about that models. From you comes beauty and art that affects humanity.

Modeling is a NOBLE profession; one you should take pride in saying… I am a model.

Mission Statement

Key West Models is an online directory showcasing amateur KW models and tradespeople skilled enough to be hired by big city photographers, filmmakers, advertising agencies. KWModels is not a modeling agency; it’s a website with a simple mission – introduce you (as an independent business person) to big city pros who will hire you independently.

KWModels is a free service to ALL. It does not collect fees or commissions.

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